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Sports betting is coming to Ohio, and FanDuel will likely be among the first sportsbooks to launch in the state. Ohio online sports betting is planned for launch on January 1, 2023. If history is any indication, FanDuel will launch in the state on or very close to that date. 

When sports betting does hit Ohio, many companies will be looking to claim their share of the market. Many intriguing options will be available, but FanDuel Sportsbook is certainly a safe place for bettors to get started.

The FanDuel app is known for its competitive odds, vast market selection, and easy-to-use platform. 

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FanDuel Ohio Promo Code 2022

While no official promotion exists for Ohio yet, when FanDuel Sportsbook eventually makes its way to the state, bettors can expect similar promotions to the sportsbook’s offerings in other states. 

While promotions vary by state, FanDuel is consistently offering new users a no sweat first bet up to $1,000. The company offered that promotion for its launches in Arizona, Connecticut, and Michigan, among others. Terms & conditions apply. 

FanDuel Ohio Sportsbook Promo CodeClick To Claim
No Sweat First Bet$1,000
What states allow FanDuel OH SportsbookAZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA & WV
OH PartnerTBD
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022


The no sweat first bet bonus of up to $1,000 from FanDuel Sportsbook is quite generous, especially considering the company’s lax play-through policy. FanDuel only requires bettors to play through the site’s credit before making a withdrawal, unlike competitors such as DraftKings, who maintain higher requirements. 

This promo will most likely only be available for a certain amount of time, with other states’ bonus lengths ranging from 24 hours to as long as two weeks. 

Additionally, FanDuel offers other promotions throughout the year, including various weekly offerings, odds boosts, parlay insurance, and refer-a-friend bonuses. 

As online sportsbooks go, FanDuel has one of the more robust promotions offerings. The sportsbook often adds new special deals, such as parlay insurance, odds boost, bet & get bonuses, and more. If you’re looking to boost your winnings or give yourself an extra edge, FanDuel is a top choice.



FanDuel Sportsbook is renowned as one of the top sports betting platforms in the nation, and with good reason. The company offers a wide variety of competitive odds, touching on virtually every betting market, meaning fans of all sports will have plenty of options to choose from. 

When comparing FanDuel with its competitors, the sportsbook lines up with other companies such as DraftKings and BetMGM in terms of odds and vig, meaning the choice of platform largely comes down to user preference. While there will always be some discrepancy in odds between different companies, FanDuel’s odds are typically on par with its peers.

FanDuel Sportsbook Odds Comparison

Here’s a look at how FanDuel stacks up against DraftKings with its odds on an MLB game. Keep in mind that this is just one small example. The best way to get a sense of a sportsbook’s odds performance is to look at many markets over time. Still, one game can tell us some important info.

Odds ComparisonFanDuel MoneylineDraftKings MoneylineFanDuel Point SpreadDraftKings Point SpreadFanDuel TotalsDraftKings Totals
St. Louis Cardinals-164-165-1.5 (-104)-1.5 (-105)Over 8.5 (-105)Over 8 (-120)
Chicago Cubs+138+140+1.5 (-115)+1.5 (-115)Under 8.5 (-115)Under 8 (+100)

These odds tell an interesting story if you’re a bettor. First off, note the tiny differences in moneyline odds. Small tweaks like these are common, and you can play them to your advantage. FanDuel is the better choice for a Cardinals bet. A $164 wager would win you a $100 profit, whereas DraftKings would require $165 for the same win. It’s a tiny difference, but it could make things better for you over time.

The point spread odds and lines are identical, making FanDuel and Draftkings both equal choices for any bet there.

As for the totals, here’s where some intriguing differences come into play. Do you want a better line or better-paying odds? Those are the decisions here. FanDuel’s over line is half a point higher than DraftKings’, so it will pay better but is less likely to hit. The FanDuel under is more advantageous but pays worse than DraftKings’ line, which is half a point lower. Crossroads like these are common if you’re shopping for odds, and there’s no right answer until the match is over. You’ll have to do your research and make smart bets to capitalize on the odds differences.

These instance showcase the benefit of shopping at multiple sportsbooks for advantageous odds.




FanDuel Sportsbook boasts a very deep market that offers betting opportunities for fans of every sport. The list of sports available includes Aussie rules football, baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, football, golf, handball, hockey, MMA, rugby, soccer, swimming, table tennis, track and field, winter sports, and volleyball. 

Bettors will also be presented with a variety of different ways to place bets, including moneylines, totals (over/under), point spreads, futures, win totals, parlays, round robins, and props for teams, players, and games. 

Additionally, FanDuel offers live betting, meaning fans have the opportunity to place a wager on a game as it’s happening. While this is standard practice for most sportsbooks, FanDuel boasts one of the best live betting platforms out there, with easily accessible and frequently updated odds. Live props are available on a variety of topics, ranging from the outcome of a game down to an individual play.



FanDuel offers a variety of ways to both deposit and withdraw funds. Deposit options include online banking, debit or credit card, PayPal, wire transfers, gift cards, FanDuel Play+ prepaid cards, Casino Cage, and PayNearMe. 

Cashout options include online banking, PayPal, Casino Cage, and FanDuel Play+ prepaid cards. 

In comparison to other live sportsbooks, FanDuel presents some of the most convenient ways to cash out, especially considering the company’s play-through policy which enables withdrawals earlier than competitors like DraftKings.

Most deposits take only seconds to hit your account. Withdrawals take 1-10 days depending on your method of choice.

We do not recommend using credit/debit cards for deposits at sportsbooks. They can be declined or come with high interest charges. Instead, try PayPal or an alternative deposit option.



So long as you’re in a state with legal sports betting, the “FanDuel Sports & Casino” app will be accessible to any bettor with a stable internet connection. 

The iOS version of the app is available for free on the App Store on any iPhone or iPad device. As of 2021, the app is also available for Android users via the Google Play Store. 

The app is very highly rated on the App Store, receiving an average rating of 4.8 stars with more than 280,000 reviews. It received an average rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store across more than 22,000 reviews. This is in line with competing companies such as DraftKings (4.8 on App Store) and BetMGM (4.8 on App Store). 

As for desktop users, simply search for “FanDuel Sportsbook” on any web browser and you should be directed to the website. 



When it comes to legal sports betting options in the US, FanDuel remains a top option across various states. With a wide variety of betting markets and an easy-to-access app, FanDuel offers users a comfortable betting environment, which won’t overwhelm new bettors while also catering to the more experienced bettor. It’s hard to find a more reliable sports betting platform than FanDuel. 

Is FanDuel Sportsbook Legit? 

FanDuel Sportsbook is 100% legit, operating in the 12 states where sports betting has been legalized (Ohio would be No. 13). FanDuel’s reputation as one of the leaders in the industry is spot on, and just another reason users shouldn’t worry about the company’s legitimacy. 

Reasons To Feel Comfortable Using FanDuel

  • Easily achievable play-through policy
    • In cases where you have participated in a promotion to receive a bonus or other benefit, you may be required to play through your deposit (by entering contests) whose total entry fees equal the value of the deposit to receive the entirety of such bonus (FanDuel)
  • No Sweat First Bet Promotion
    • FanDuel’s no sweat first bet offer up to $1,000 is one of the best offers out there, providing users with a safety net when they place their first wager. 
  • Wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options
    • There are more than eight different ways to deposit funds to your FanDuel Sportsbook account and as many as four separate methods of withdrawing funds. 
  • Deep pool of odds and betting markets
    • FanDuel offers betting lines for every fan with markets for virtually every sport, as well as eSports. 
  • High-Quality App
    • FanDuel Sportsbook’s mobile app is among the top of the line in the sports betting industry, offering a user-friendly experience for bettors of all levels. 

Why Choose FanDuel Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

FanDuel presents a legal alternative to illegal betting sites, which instantly makes it a better option, particularly in states where FanDuel is able to operate. Furthermore, FanDuel is more trustworthy than an illegal betting site, offering better protection for users’ money. Users are also able to withdraw their money from FanDuel far more easily than via an illegal betting site. 

In addition to security and legality, FanDuel’s live-betting market is far superior to any illegal betting site. The live betting options are constantly updated so fans can place bets at any time during the game, unlike illegal betting sites which often struggle to keep up with live bets. FanDuel also offers a wider variety of betting markets and odds than illegal betting sites and provides more types of bets for users to place. 

Lastly, the FanDuel app is top-of-the-line, allowing users to stay up to date with their wages while on the go, or even place bets from a mobile device. Most illegal sportsbooks don’t have mobile apps and the ones that do often struggle to perform. 

Can You Trust FanDuel Sportsbook With Your Money?

FanDuel is one of the most reliable sports-betting platforms on the market and users shouldn’t feel worried about the security of their money when betting. If you choose to deposit money via credit or debit card, FanDuel guarantees the information is “stored in a digital vault” and “never touches FanDuel servers.” 

Users can also choose to remove any saved credit or debit card from the site at a time of their choosing. 

FanDuel Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?You must be at least 21 years old to create a FanDuel Sportsbook account.
What states is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in?AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA & WV
Launch date in OhioTBD

FanDuel Sportsbook FAQ

How many different sports can you bet on at FanDuel Sportsbook?

FanDuel offers odds on all major US sports as well as other less mainstream options. The list includes Aussie rules football, baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling, darts, esports, football, golf, handball, hockey, MMA, rugby, soccer, swimming, table tennis, track and field, winter sports, and volleyball. 

Do you have to be in Ohio when you place a sports wager at FanDuel Sportsbook?

When FanDuel comes to Ohio, bettors will have to physically be in the state, or another state where FanDuel is legally operating, in order to place a wager on the platform.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes. FanDuel offers a no sweat first bet up to $1,000 for new users. A no sweat first bet is really just different terminology to say a risk-free bet. If your first bet loses, you receive free bets equal to the amount of that wager. The minimum wager for the FanDuel Online Sportsbook bonus code link is just $10. The maximum is $1,000. So you just have to bet within that range. Essentially, you won’t lose money on the first bet you place, though you can still earn winnings should the wager be successful.

Can you bet on esports at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio?

Yes. When FanDuel is up and operating in Ohio, esports will be available to bet on as well, and it is currently an option to bet on in other states where FanDuel is active.

How old do you have to be to bet online at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio?

Users must be at least 21 years of age in order to register for an account on FanDuel and place a bet online. This holds true regardless of the state you’re playing in.

What is the best way to make a deposit at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ohio?

FanDuel has a variety of payment methods to fit the needs of most customers. Whether it be an e-check, debit card or credit card deposit, wire transfer, or PayPal, the platform offers a way to play for everyone.

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