Best Sportsbook Apps In Missouri

While the Show-Me state has a handful of riverboat casinos, Missouri’s in-state gambling options don’t extend far beyond those properties. When it comes to online gambling and sports betting, Missouri has precisely zero laws on the books, leaving the state in a delicate limbo. Missouri online sportsbooks apps are neither prohibited nor allowed by law, effectively making it an unregulated market with no legal sportsbooks. 

However, the nature of US sports betting regulation makes it easy for Missouri players to get in on the action despite a prohibitive legal landscape. Sports betting is now completely legal in Illinois, giving Missouri bettors an easy outlet to place wagers on their favorite sports online and at retail sportsbooks in Illinois

Best Online Sports Betting Apps In Missouri

There are a few sportsbooks accessible to Missouri players, but they have one crucial catch: they’re not in Missouri. Bettors in St. Louis and the surrounding area near the Illinois border, however, can make the relatively easy trip to The Prairie State to place bets. You have to be within Illinois to place a bet, but you can build your betslip and select your wagers in advance, then place them once you cross over into Illinois. 

DraftKings Sportsbook Illinois

Bottom line: DraftKings is your best bet if you’re a Missouri sports bettor looking to place bets at an Illinois site. 

DraftKings offers a smooth and intuitive app interface available for both Android and Apple iOS users. You can get the Android app directly from DraftKings’ website and the iOS app from Apple’s App Store Marketplace. 

New players at DraftKings get a nice bonus, too. They offer a 20% deposit match bonus up to $1000. New users also get a $50 free bet with a $5 deposit using our exclusive link. The sportsbook also has an ever-rotating list of promotions including profit boosts, free bet deals, and much more. 

Visit: DraftKings Illinois

Sports You Can Cet On At DraftKings Illinois

Illinois allows betting on almost every sport you could possibly think of. For Missouri bettors, this means bets are available on games featuring all of Missouri’s pro teams, including:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • St. Louis Blues (NHL)

College teams are available to bet on as well, including the University of Missouri Tigers, the Missouri State Bears, and many others.  The only caveat when it comes to college sports betting in Illinois is that you can’t wager on any match involving an Illinois school. 

There are also plenty of other bets on offer, including NASCAR, soccer, golf, tennis, and various other sports. 

Illinois Registration Back And Forth

Governor J.B. Pritzker has suspended and lifted the in-person sportsbook registration requirement in Illinois so many times now it’s easy to lose count. As of right now, you can register completely online without a visit to a retail property. This lasts through October 17, 2020, at which point in-person registrations might return to Illinois. This is crucial to keep in mind as you choose the best sportsbook to use from Missouri. This means Missouri residents only need to go across the border into Illinois to place a bet. 

DraftKings is partnered with Casino Queen in East St. Louis, Illinois, making it an easy drive if in-person registration does in fact return. Once Missouri bettors register in person at Casino Queen, future bets can be entirely online. 

Missouri Sportsbook Apps 

SportsbookLive?iOS AppAndroid AppAverage Review
DraftKingsYes, live in IllinoisYes, 198.8 MB Yes, 94.8 MB4.8

DraftKings is the best option for Missouri platers looking to place bets in Illinois However, as long as online sign-ups remain allowed in the Prairie State, there are four other options in Illinois: FanDuel, PointsBet, William Hill, and BetRivers.

How To Install Online Sportsbook Apps On An Android Device 

Google prohibits regulated gambling apps from the Play Store, but Android users can still get sports betting apps. Head to your preferred sportsbook’s website (we’ll use DraftKings as an example here) to get the Android app. Use your mobile device’s browser to get there so you can download the app direct to your device. 

DraftKings makes the process very simple. It’s only a few steps:

  1. Click “Download for Android” and wait for the download to complete. 
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to allow the app to be used on your device (this is required because the app comes from the internet and not Google’s official store). 
  3. Once the app is installed, create your account. You’ll need the following information:
    1. Email address
    2. Password (you will create one)
    3. Name
    4. Address
    5. Phone Number
    6. Date of birth
    7. Last 4 digits of your SSN

The process is really that simple–your device should walk you through each step so you get it done in a matter of minutes. 

How To Install Online Sports Betting Apps On An Apple iOS Device

Apple requires gambling apps to be developed in its native programming language in order to be listed on the App Store. Fortunately, most sportsbooks have done the heavy lifting and have apps listed for iOS users. Here’s how you can install DraftKings on your Apple device. 

  1. Find the app in the App Store. Be sure you’re downloading the sportsbook app and not the separate Daily Fantasy app. 
  2. Download it as you would with any other app, using face ID, touch ID, or your passcode to approve the download. 
  3. Open the app and register for your account using the following information:
    1. Email address
    2. Password (you will create one)
    3. Name
    4. Address
    5. Phone Number
    6. Date of birth
    7. Last 4 digits of your SSN

What Are The Benefits Of Using Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In Missouri?

When you’re choosing a way to bet at online sportsbooks in Missouri, apps are by far your best option. Why? Because you need to drive to Illinois in order to place your actual bets. Bringing your phone over the border is much easier than lugging a computer across state lines and finding an internet connection. 

On top of that, mobile sports betting in Illinois has all of the same features as desktop plus easy geolocation using your phone’s built-in GPS. You can see all available bets, the games are fair, and there are countless promotions on offer. 

It’s completely legal to bet in Illinois even if you live in Missouri, so using sportsbook apps makes it easy. 

Are Legal Sportsbooks Okay To Install On My Phone?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal and safe to install sportsbook apps on your phone. Just be sure you are using one of the five licensed providers from Illinois: DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, BetRivers, or William Hill.

The apps are safe and regulated. Sportsbook operators must comply with local laws and regulations, licensing stipulations, and app store requirements. 

If you’re an Android user, you will find that installing the app on your phone requires you to sign off on a few key steps allowing the app to work on your device. This is required because Google doesn’t allow gambling apps in its marketplace, so it asks these questions to be sure you want to install an app directly from the internet. 

How Can I Secure My Mobile Sports Betting Account?

You can take some important steps to keep your account secure. First and foremost, log out after every session. Many sportsbooks will automatically log you out after you’re inactive for a while, but it’s best to get ahead of that feature and just log out when you’re done placing bets. 

Second, you can enable two-factor authentication, which is sometimes called “strong” or “multi-factor” authentication. This feature will require you to enter your password when you login, then fill out a unique six-digit code you receive via text. It’s an added layer of security so even if someone were to guess your password and try to log in, they wouldn’t have access to the code. 

Who Regulates Mobile Sportsbook Apps In Missouri?

Technically, nobody does, but that’s because the most accessible sportsbook apps for Missouri players are actually based in Illinois. Sports betting is regulated on a state-by-state basis. All of Illinois’ sportsbook apps are regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. The organization is run by the state government, which sets for a regulatory framework that sports betting operators need to adhere to. 

The IGB is in place to protect players and prevent sportsbooks from taking advantage of customers. 

What Makes For A Good Mobile Sports Betting App?

Not all sportsbooks are created equal. There are a number of factors that can set one sportsbook apart from another or hold it back from edging out the competition. Here are just a few criteria we look for in a mobile sportsbook. 

Seamless Deposits

Deposits should be quick and easy at a mobile sportsbook. After all, you need to deposit and bet for a sportsbook to make money, so it’s advantageous to make this process easy for the user. Deposits should only take a few clicks, and mobile sportsbooks should include multiple payment options. PayPal, credit/debit, ACH echeck, and others are commonly accepted. 

Ability To Track Open And Past Bets

Once you place a bet, you’ll naturally want to track its performance as the game or match is in progress. A good sportsbook will keep your live bets accessible in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, sportsbooks should keep your past bets in an accessible place so you can look back at your wins or losses. 


Because there are hundreds and hundreds of available bets on dozens of sports, you should be able to easily find what you’re looking for in a sportsbook app. This makes menus, filters, and general user interface incredibly important. The app should be simple to navigate, allowing you to find what you’re looking for in second with only a few taps of the screen. 

Access To Promotions

Promos are a cornerstone of the sports betting experience. Strong sportsbooks have a constantly rotating list of special deals, offers, and free bets to keep things interesting. Promotions are the main way a sportsbook can show its care for players by offering them exclusive bonuses

How Can Players Deposit Money In Online Sports Betting Apps In Missouri?

Depositing is very simple for players in Missouri using Illinois sportsbooks. DraftKings in particular makes the process quite easy with multiple payment methods available. Your options with Draftkings are:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • DraftKings Gift Card

Withdrawing is equally simple, though there are fewer options:

  • PayPal: minimum 41, 3-5 days
  • Check by mail: Minimum $15, 7-14 days

Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In Missouri: Common Questions

Is online sports betting legal in Missouri?

No. Missouri has no legal online sports betting presence. However, neighboring Illinois legalized sports betting online, and Missouri bettors can travel across the border to legally palace bets.

How do online sports betting apps in Missouri verify a player’s age and identity?

When you sign up, you’ll be using an Illinois app. Creating an account requires you to submit your name, date of birth, address, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. These data points are used to confirm your age and identity when you sign up. If you try to create a second account with the same information, you will be blocked from doing so. You can only create one account per sportsbook using your personal info.

What kinds of sports can I bet on using online apps in Missouri?

Because you’re actually betting in Illinois, you are subject to the Land of Lincoln’s specific restrictions. You’ll be able to bet on all professional sports, the Olympics, and various college sports as long as they don’t include an Illinois school. 

Non-sporting events, such as awards shows or elections, are off-limits in Illinois.

Are legal online sports betting apps in Missouri available in Apple's App Store?

Yes. You can download Illinois sports betting apps from the App Store, even if you’re in Missouri. Be sure to double-check that you’re downloading the sportsbook app and not Daily Fantasy Apps from DraftKings or FanDuel.

Are legal online sportsbook apps in Missouri available in the Google Play store?

No. Google doesn’t allow regulated gambling apps in the Play Store. However, Illinois sportsbooks still have Android apps that are accessible to Missouri bettors. You just need to download it directly from the operator’s website and follow the onscreen prompts to install the app.

Does DraftKings have a sportsbook app in Missouri?

No, but it does have one in Illinois. You can download DraftKings in Missouri and even create an account from Missouri, but you can’t place a bet unless you are within Illinois state lines. For many Missouri residents, this just means a short drive to The Prairie State to place bets.

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