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BetMGM is a great addition to legal mobile sports betting in the state of Illinois, offering bettors another worthwhile option to consider. Better yet, if you’ve already been betting in Illinois, add BetMGM into your rotation and check all your favorites for the best current promotions.

BetMGM’s odds are competitive with other top sportsbooks and it’s offering a risk-free first bet of $1,000 upon registering for an account. If you’ve used BetMGM in another state, there are still plenty of available promo offers for existing customers as well.

There are plenty of Parlays available on BetMGM, not to mention Single-Game Parlays. If you’re looking to place a wager, BetMGM will undoubtedly have odds worthy of consideration.

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BetMGM Illinois Promo Code 2022

If you register for a new BetMGM account in Illinois, you’re eligible for a risk-free first bet of up to $1,000. After signing up, make a deposit and place your bet. If it loses, you’ll receive the amount of the wager from BetMGM in the form of free bets. Terms & conditions apply.

BetMGM Illinois Promo CodeSHARP
Risk-Free Bet$1,000
States AvailableAZ, CO, DC, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, MS, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY
Promo Verified ForNovember 2022

On March 5, 2022, Illinois lifted the in-person registration requirement, allowing online registration for mobile sports betting accounts. 

Now that online registration is available, the process will be straightforward. You’ll download the BetMGM app onto your device. If you have an iOS operating system, download the app from the App Store. If you have an Android device, the app is available at the Play Store.

To register, you’ll need to supply your full name, date of birth, mailing address, email address, cell phone number, and Social Security Number. You’ll also be asked to set up answers to several security questions.

These steps are to ensure your identity and set up safeguards against unauthorized access to your account and the funds in it.



BetMGM’s sign-up bonus is solid, but not currently as strong as some of the other top sportsbooks. BetMGM is offering a risk-free first bet of up to $1,000. If you lose the bet, BetMGM will give you a free bet, or bets, equal to the amount of the wager.

DraftKings is offering a $1,000 deposit bonus, with a free $50 bet as well. Caesars Sportsbook is offering a $1,500 deposit match and PointsBet is offering two risk-free bets up to $2,000 ($500 Back in Free Bets for your first bet with Fixed Odds and up to $1,500 Back for PointsBetting.

BetMGM, however, does have some solid promotions available for existing users. The offers include NBA, EPL, and NFL One-Game Parlay Insurance. If you lose a parlay bet with at least four legs, you get your stake back in free bets up to $25.

With Parlay Plus you can earn up to 40% more in profits on your winning parlay. To qualify, you must opt-in and place a 4-7 leg parlay on any combination of sports or event

With NHL Overtime Insurance, you’ll get your stake back in up to $25 in free bets if your team loses in Overtime. And if you opt-in to the Money Monday Club, you can receive a $10 Free Bet when you place a total of $50 in qualifying wagers during the previous week.



BetMGM’s odds are competitive with the state’s other mobile sports betting platforms. As is always the case, the odds will differ at least slightly between sportsbooks. That’s why it’s important to check several sites to make sure you’ve found the best odds for the wager you’re looking to place.

Futures Odds on the upcoming Major League Baseball season are an example of how BetMGM’s offerings are right in the ballpark with the other top sportsbooks. Here’s a look at how the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs stand during the offseason.

White Sox+1100 +1100+1200 +1100

BetMGM is also in agreement with DraftKings and Caesars on the odds of the Chicago Bulls winning the NBA title. All three have the Bulls at +2500, while FanDuel offers slightly better odds at +2700.

As is standard, most points spread bets are listed at -110, meaning BetMGM’s vig is comparable to the other top platforms.



Unless you’re looking for something very obscure to wager on, you will likely find every betting option you need with BetMGM. All of the major US professional sports leagues are available – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL – in addition to college football and basketball.

Want to bet on the next tennis open, or golf’s next major? BetMGM can help.
Soccer bets are plentiful, whether it’s the MLS or EPL or any number of leagues overseas. And if rugby is your sport of choice, you’ll also find it on BetMGM.

A fan of the Olympics? BetMGM has you covered. And if you want to bet on volleyball more than once every four years when the Olympics roll back around, you can find those odds as well.

If you prefer things a bit more fierce, boxing and mixed martial arts are also among your betting options. If speed is your thing, you can find Futures Bets on the NASCAR and Formula 1 champions, along with odds on the next race in both series.

It’s important to note that if you want to bet on an in-state school, you’ll have to go to a retail sportsbook to do so. Mobile sports betting on Illinois-based schools is prohibited in the state. And even if you’re at a bricks-and-mortar sportsbook in the state, you can’t place a prop bet on the game, and there’s no live wagering once the game starts.

The rules may frustrate some, but until recently, there was no betting permitted on Illinois-based schools.

To summarize, some sites might offer more international betting options, but if your focus is on events taking place in the US, BetMGM is a solid option.



BetMGM has several options available to fund your account, along with options to withdraw the money in your account. The options vary per state, but there are a few standard options available in every state.

A credit or debit card is one of the easiest options available and BetMGM takes major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Check with the company providing your card to see if there are any service fees with a deposit.

PayPal is another option, as is online banking – which allows you to transfer money into your BetMGM account.

BetMGM Gift Cards are another option, you can either purchase the gift card and then use it to fund your account, or ask for a card as a gift. If you get a gift card and use it to win, you can always return the favor and buy a gift for whoever gave you the initial gift card.

A Play+ Card is another option, as is going to a Pay Near Me location (including 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar stores.

Be sure to check BetMGM Illinois for additional options that may become available at any time.

Options for withdrawing funds include a transfer via your online bank account, an E-check, and a PayPal account. Again, additional options could become available at any time.

BetMGM’s funding options are on par with other top sportsbooks in Illinois.



Betting is easy using the BetMGM mobile app. In order to begin wagering, you must first download the app to your mobile device. If you prefer experiencing BetMGM on a larger screen, you can also access the site via

If your mobile device runs an Android operating system, download it via the Play Store. If you have an iOS operating system, you’ll find the BetMGM app via the App Store.

The next steps are registering and funding your account. Be sure to include any applicable bonus codes to receive the current promotional offers available for new BetMGM users.

After that, you’ll scroll the site and find the event you want to wager on. There’s a “Live” icon that will take you to events that have already started, and those starting relatively soon.

For some games, you can even stream the action live, enhancing the live-betting experience.

Top Sports are easily found on the app, and there’s a search option if you’re not finding what you’re looking for.

The “Parlay Generator” is a helpful option that allows you to tailor a bet almost any way you choose.

The BetMGM app is highly rated for many reasons, including the fact any wager you can find on your laptop or desktop computer is also readily available on the app.



There’s a good reason the BetMGM app is so highly rated, and it’s the fact that it largely delivers in every area. An additional promo offer or two for new users would always be welcome, but BetMGM is on par with most of its competitors.

International sportsbooks may have more variety when it comes to overseas competitions, but if you’re focused on events happening in the US, you should find everything needed on the BetMGM app. And sportsbooks are always working on enhancements, so a perceived shortcoming today may be a strength the next time you open the app.

Is BetMGM Illinois Sportsbook Legit?

Yes. BetMGM is an established and legitimate sportsbook that is a strong addition to Illinois’ marketplace. Here are just a few of the signs that explain BetMGM’s legitimacy.

How is BetMGM Regulated in Illinois?

The Illinois Gaming Board is responsible for licensing BetMGM and the other mobile sports betting facilities and land-based casinos in the state. BetMGM had to undergo a detailed examination of its operations in other states before it could be approved from a license in the state. Now that it has launched, its operations will continue to be scrutinized.

BetMGM’s Track Record is Well Established

BetMGM has already been operating in several states across the country in addition to the District of Columbia. If there were issues with BetMGM’s methods, they’d have surfaced long ago. States like New York and Louisiana, both of which launched mobile sports betting in January 2022 wouldn’t have licensed BetMGM if other states raised questions about the operating principles that have gotten BetMGM to this point.

MGM’s Long-Established Reputation

Mobile sports betting is just the latest evolution of MGM Resorts, a longtime casino operator. MGM Resorts owns iconic casinos, many of which are home to sportsbooks and have been for years. Mobile sports betting, in a partnership with Entain plc, formerly known as GVC Holdings. Entain operates sports betting platforms throughout the world and wouldn’t partner with MGM if MGM’s practices were questionable.

BetMGM Offers Competitive Odds And Numerous Betting Options

If BetMGM only offered odds on the NFL or NBA, it would be easy to question the validity of the sportsbook. The same would be the case if its odds varied greatly from those offered by other sportsbooks operating in Illinois and elsewhere across the US. If any of those concerns existed, you’d be right to have doubts.

BetMGM Has Partnered With Multiple Leagues And Teams

BetMGM has partnerships with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. Those partnerships pretty much speak for themselves. Leagues were understandably wary to embrace sports betting, but once they did, they were going to be quite particular about their partners. BetMGM couldn’t have signed these deals if its practices were questionable.

Why Choose BetMGM Illinois Over Illegal Sports Betting Sites?

Prior to the launch of legal mobile sports betting, it was very tempting to place bets with your local bookie. Or maybe you were wiring money to an offshore sportsbook, just hoping you’d get a payoff if your ticket cashed.

Looking back, those options likely weren’t the most comfortable. After all, if you didn’t stay on the good side of your bookie, the repercussions might be unpleasant. And what guarantee did you have that your bookie wouldn’t vanish if he couldn’t cover your winnings?

But at least you knew who your local bookie was – which was more than you knew about an offshore casino. You’re technically breaking the law with every bet placed via an offshore sportsbook.

The lack of regulation is another concern. Offshore sportsbooks aren’t under the jurisdiction of any US authority, so if you didn’t receive a return on a winning bet, where could you complain?

In short, you couldn’t. With a legal sportsbook like BetMGM, no such concerns exist.

Why Can You Trust BetMGM With Your Money?

When you shop online, you’re placing your faith that the company you’re dealing with will protect your identity, including your financial information. If you didn’t believe in the entity, you wouldn’t do business with them.

The same holds true for mobile sportsbooks and they, arguably, are better regulated than when you’re order meals, or clothes, online. BetMGM’s app and website detail the precautions that are taken to safeguard your information.

Illinois also carefully regulates the sportsbooks it licenses, another level of security in the attempt to protect your identity and your financial information.

All information sent to BetMGM is via a secure connection, meaning it is encrypted.

The registration process also was designed with your security in mind. Answering “security questions” may grow tiresome at times, but they are designed to thwart anyone attempting to access your account.

No system is completely foolproof, but BetMGM has a long track record of protecting accounts of its patrons.

BetMGM Illinois Fact Sheet

How Old Do You Have To Be?21+
What States Allow BetMGMAZ, CO, DC, IN, IA, LA, MI, MS, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY

BetMGM Illinois Sportsbook FAQ

Do You Have To Be In Illinois To Place A Wager Via BetMGM?

Yes. If you are traveling to a state where mobile sports betting isn’t legal, you will not be able to wager using your BetMGM account while in that state. If you are visiting a state with legalized wagering, and BetMGM is operational in the state, you can use your app the same as usual.

Sportsbooks pinpoint your location via technology known as Geofencing, so you won’t be able to wager in states where it isn’t legal.

Where Can I Register With BetMGM In Illinois?

You can now download the BetMGM app and register from your mobile device.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a bill in December 2021 changing the sign-up process from in-person registration to fully remote registration.

How Do I Get Paid If I Win My Wagers On BetMGM Illinois?

Sportsbooks have several methods via which you can withdraw the money from your online legal sports betting account. If you go to the “Cashier” tab, it will show you the total you have in your account and your options for withdrawing the funds.

Popular options involve an online banking transfer or having the money sent to your PayPal account. Other options are also available, making it easy to access your winnings.

Does BetMGM Offer Any Free Bets Or Deposit Bonuses?

Yes. BetMGM is currently offering a risk-free first bet of up to $1,000 to new users who register for an account and make their first cash deposit. If your first bet loses, BetMGM will match the amount of the wager with free bets.

Terms and conditions apply to how you can utilize the free bets. They normally must be used within seven days, and the free bets can’t be turned into a cash withdrawal.

How Many Different Sports Can You Bet On With BetMGM Illinois?

It’s an ever-changing number, depending on which sports are in-season. You can place Futures Bets on professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey 365 days a year. You can also place Futures Bets on college football and basketball throughout the year.

Soccer and golf are other examples of sports that are in action somewhere in the world no matter the season in the US, so those are more year-round options. Motorsports do have an offseason, and, obviously, you can only bet on the Olympics every two years.

But if it’s a major sport – and oftentimes even if it isn’t – BetMGM will have odds on whatever games are being played.

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