Illinois Governor Extends Online Sports Betting Registration Period Again

Remember that feeling you had in high school when you woke up the day a project was due and you hadn’t even started it? Then your mom told you school was canceled on account of a blizzard? That was a real “PHEW!” moment.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has given sports bettors in his state such an extension, and it didn’t require a foot of snow.

Pritzker has extended the state’s online sports betting registration window until March 8, 2021, issuing an extension of his executive order

Bettors can register online without visiting a retail property. As we’ve reported here before, Pritzker has extended the registration period several times previously. This is the eighth time the governor has done so via executive order, as part of broader efforts to assist citizens during the pandemic crisis and to increase the opportunity for Illinois bettors to place wagers.

Register Online Through March 8

Currently, Illinois citizens can choose from five online sportsbooks:

Registration at any of these sportsbooks can be easily completed online via a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

In addition, Penn Sports Interactive has been granted a temporary operating license in Illinois, and it’s anticipated that Penn Sports Interactive will launch its Barstool-branded Illinois sportsbook later this year.

Both BetMGM and Unibet have filed applications for an operating license in Illinois, but the Illinois Gaming Board has yet to issue those licenses. With so many sportsbooks focusing on Illinois, options for bettors will be plentiful.

Midwest Sharp will monitor developments and report news here to keep you updated on your Illinois sports betting opportunities.

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